Camera di Commercio di Genova | 2005



Volume LVIII, No. 1- February 2005


M. FERIDUN - Can We Predict GDP through Examining the Past Values of Money? Empirical
Evidence from an Asian Tiger

F. MENONCIN - Risk Management for an Internationally Diversified Portfolio

R. RAM - Cross-Country Convergence in Income and Divergence in Life Expectancy: A Study
in Reversals and Contrasts during the 1990s

R. SETTIMO - Workers' Remittances to Mediterranean Countries: A Potentially Important Tool for Economic Development

N.D. URI - The Implicit Marginal Valuation of Cable Service in the United States


M. DEAGLIO, P.G. MONATERI, A. CAFFARENA - La globalizzazione dimezzata (G. Lombardo)
S.M. MANGIERO - Risk Management for Pensions, Endowments and Foundations (G. Lombardo)

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Volume LVIII, No. 2 - May 2005


F. AIELLO - Does Liberalization Reduce Instability? A Look at the Interests of Developing Countries

R.CAPOLUPO, G.CELI - Openness and Growth in Central-Eastern European Countries

Y. HSING - Application of the IS-MO-IA Model to the Slovene Economy and Policy Implications

C. KARPETIS, E. VARELAS - Money, Income, Inflation and the Acceleration Principle

O. MOHAMMAD, Z. MAHMOOD - Industrial Sector Development Strategy for Kuwait

H. MOHAMMADY, J.E. PAYNE, N. SUN - Aggregate Demand Shocks and Current Account Asymmetry: Some Empirical Evidence

I.A. MOOSA, B. MCDONALD - Operational Hedging as an Alternative to Financial Hedging in the Absence of Sophisticated Financial Markets

G.M. FLICK - Gla globalizzazione dei diritti (A. Amato - V. Dagostino)

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Volume LVIII, No. 3 - August 2005


R.J. CEBULA - Historical Evidence on the Tax Evasion Impact of Government Audits and Tax Rates in the U.S

M. CONTI - Ownership Relative Efficiency in the Water Industry: A Survey of the International Empirical Evidence

P. FOUSEKIS - A Mixed Input Demand System with Generalized Marginal Cost Shares: An Application to the Agricultural Sector in Greece

A. HATEMI-J - Time-Varying Estimates for the Natural Rate of Unemployment and the
Phillips Curve in the US Using Kalman Filter

V.C. ILIUTA, R. RAM.- Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Transition Economies: A Panel Data Study

M. MENEGATTI - Political Cycles and International Interdependence

H.K. TSENG - U.S. Manufacturing Intra-Industry Trade with the Asian Pacific Rim: An Empirical Survey

A. BARTZOKAS , S. MANI, Financial Systems, Corporate Investment in Innovation, and Venture Capital (V. Dagostino)
G. IETTO-GILLIES, Transnational Corporations and International Production (M.N. Jovanovic)

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Volume LVIII, No. 4 - November 2005


M. FERIDUN - An Econometric Analysis of the Military Expenditure and External Debt in Argentina

D. FRANTZEN - International Technological Diffusion, Comparative Productivity Performance and Specialization: a Study for Manufacturing

A. HATEMI-J, E.D. ROCA, F. TANG - US Equity Market Spill-Over and Contagion Effects on Selected Asian Markets Vis-à-vis September 11

M. KOUKOURITAKIS - EU Accession Effects on the Demand for Manufactures: the Case of Greece

M. TRONZANO - Inflation Targeting and Credibility: a Note on the Recent Empirical Literature

K.H. ZHANG - How Important Are Host-Country Markets for Multinational Corporations? Evidence from cross-Country Data for 1990-2003


P. MINFORD, V. MAHAMBARE , E. NOWELL - Should Britain Leave the EU? (M.N. Jovanovic) C. ROBINSON - Successes and Failures in Regulating and Deregulating Utilities, Evidence from the UK, Europe and the USA (E. Ivaldi)

Abstract: pdf - 6 pages, 35 Kbyte