Camera di Commercio di Genova | 2004



Volume LVII, No. 1 - February 2004


A. HATEMI-J, P.O. MANESCHIÍLD - The Risk-Adjusted Interest Rate Parity: Panel Data Evidence

F. PRAUSSELLO - Assessing the Impact of Enlargement on the Eurozone

A. SERLETIS, P. AFXENTIOU, K. YAVARI - External and Domestic Growth Forces in the Performance of European Union Economies

D.T. TRAN - Fiscal Deficits and Inflation in Portugal: A Long Term Perspective

P. WONGSAART, B.D. WARD - Modelling Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy:
Evidence from a New Zealand SVAR Model


I. MAGNANI - Dibattito tra economisti italiani di fine Ottocento (C. Rotondi)
OECD - The Sources of Economic Growth in OECD Countries (G. Lombardo)

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Volume LVII, No. 2- May 2004


D.G. KIRIKOS - A Reconsideration of Uncovered Interest Rate Parity under Switching Policy Regimes

P.O. MANESCHIÍLD - Modelling Exchange Rate Volatility: Evidence from Sweden

M.M. METWALLY - Impact of Fluctuations in Oil Revenue on Investment in the GCC Countries

I.A. MOOSA - Is Covered Interest Parity an Arbitrage or a Hedging Condition?

H.K. TSENG - Technological Gap and the Currency Crisis in a Small Developing Economy

N.D. URI - Testing for Structural Stability of the Demand for Subscription Television Service in the United States


G. NARDOZZI - Miracolo e declino. L'Italia tra concorrenza e protezione (G.Lombardo)
T. PADOA SCHIOPPA - La lunga via per l'euro (A. Amato - G. Lombardo)

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Volume LVII, No. 3 - August 2004


R.J.CEBULA, S. A. CARRILLO - Empirical Evidence on the Impact of Crude Oil Prices on Domestic Inflation: The Case of Ecuador, 1950-1995

S. DE NARDIS, C. PENSA - How Intense is Competition in International Markets of Traditional Goods? The Case of Italian Exporters

R.K. GOEL, I. HASAN, R. RAM - Effect of General Uncertainty on Venture-Capital Investments: A Cross- Country Study

P. KONSTANTINOU - Term Structure Dynamics: A Daily View from the Hungarian Foreign Currency Deposits Markets

N.NAQVI , G. HOMAIFAR - The Economics of Racial Discrimination

M. VIREN - Government Size and Output Volatility: Is There a Relationship?

Y. XING, K.H. ZHANG - FDI and Regional Income Disparity in Host Countries: Evidence From China


P. CIOCCA - Le vie della storia nell'economia (G. Lombardo)
T. PADOA SCHIOPPA - Regulating Finance. Balancing Freedom and Risk (A. Amato - G. Lombardo)

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Volume LVII, No. 4- November 2004


J. BUDAK, R.K. GOEL - Transition, Governance and Corruption

M. F. CALMETTE - Bilateral Trade Agreements Between Countries with Asymmetric Power: An Incomplete Contract Perspective

P. DE LOMBAERDE - Optimum Currency Area Theory, Inter-Industry Labour Mobility, and Industrial Development Paths

M. FERIDUN - A Probit Model Towards the Prediction of Financial Crises

A. HATEMI-J - Is the Equity Market Informationally Efficient in Japan? Evidence from Leveraged Bootstrap Analysis

D.F. KENOURGIOS, N. PAVLIDIS - Central Banking and Commercial Inflation Forecasting: Some New Evidence for the U.S.A.

I.A. MOOSA - Exchange Rate Regime Choice Under Hyperinflationary Conditions in a Post-War Situation: The Case of Iraq


J.F. HELLIWELL - Globalization and Well Being (A. Goldstein)
T. PADOA-SCHIOPPA - L'euro e la sua banca centrale (G. Lombardo)

Abstract: pdf - 7 pages, 56 Kbyte