Camera di Commercio di Genova | 2003


Volume LVI, No. 1 - February 2003


J.R. FARIA, L. de MELLO - Optimal Exchange Rate Policy, Wage Bargaining, and Foreign Direct Investment

Y. HSING, H.S. CHANG - Testing the Portfolio Theory of Money Demand in the United States

M.N. JOVANOVIC - Spatial Location of Firms and Industries: An Overview of Theory

M. TRONZANO - Exchange Rate Commitments and Forward Rate Unbiasedness. Further Evidence from EMS Data

N. TSOUNIS - The Validity of Bilateral Heckscher-Ohlin: Some Further Empirical Evidence

D. ZBAŐNIK - Financial Deindexation in Slovenia


A. RONCAGLIA - La ricchezza delle idee. Storia del pensiero economico (G. Lombardo)

S. ROSSI (a cura di) - La Nuova Economia. I fatti dietro il mito (G. Lombardo)

C. SECCHI, C. ALTOMONTE - L'euro: una moneta una Europa (A. Gaggero)

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Volume LVI, No. 2 - May 2003


A. AMATO - Financial Crises in Emerging Markets: Some Issues

S.D. SHARMA - Financial Crises in Light of the Asian Experience: Some Theoretical Reconsiderations

R.S. RAJAN, G. BIRD - Banks, Maturity Mismatches and Liquidity Crises: A Simple Model

O.F. SAQIB - An Investigation into the 1999 Collapse of the Brazilian Real

A. AQUINO - Argentina: Determinants of a Crisis

B.N. GHOSH, M.A. MALIK - Misalignment of Real Exchange Rate: The Case of a Developing Economy

M.J. HOLMES - The Sustainability of African Current Account Deficits: A Panel Cointegration Analysis

G. CIFARELLI, G. PALADINO - Spreads on Emerging-Market Debt: Global vs. Regional Factors

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Volume LVI, No. 3 - August 2003


L. BOSCO - Regional Labour Markets and Migration

R.J. CEBULA, S.M. RENAS- Inflation Impact of the Price of Imported Crude Oil in a Large Industrialized Nation: The Case of Japan

L.A. GIL-ALANA - The U.K. Unemployment: Long Memory, Seasonality and Other Implicit Dynamics

A. MAGHYEREH - External Debt and Economic Growth in Jordan: the Threshold Effect

F. MENONCIN - Optimal Asset Allocation for HARA Consumers with Labour Income

A. SERLETIS, P. AFXENTIOU, K. YAVARI - Political and Economic Dimensions of the European Union Expansion


T. PADOA SCHIOPPA - Europa, forza gentile (A. Amato - G. Lombardo)

A. QUADRIO CURZIO - Sussidiarietà e sviluppo - Paradigmi per l'Europa e per l'Italia (A. Amato - A. Gaggero)

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Volume LVI, No. 4 - November 2003


D.R. ADHIKARI - Evaluating a Trade Policy Using a Revealed Preference Approach

M. BOLHASSANI, H. MOHAMMADI, J.E. PAYNE - Money Demand and Currency Substitution:
New Evidence from the Iranian Economy

A.R. GERMANI - Environmental Economics and Water Resources Management: An International

S. PATTERSON - Coercion, Cascade, Convergence and Free Trade

R. RAM - Globalization, Inequality, and Income: Recent Cross-Country Evidence

E. SEGHEZZA - Customs Union and Economic Growth

N.D. URI - Service Quality and the Impact of Incentive Regulation in Telecommunications
in the United States


R. LAULAJAINEN - Financial Geography. A Banker's View (M.G.Lucia)

V.TANZI - Globalizzazione e sistemi fiscali (A.Amato - G.Lombardo)

Abstract: pdf - 7 pages, 56 Kbyte