Camera di Commercio di Genova | 2002


Volume LV, No. 1 - February 2002

A.K. FOSU - Economic Volatilities and Growth in Latin America: Comparative Evidence with Sub-Saharan Africa on Export versus Capital Instability

R.K. GOEL - Uncertain Patent Scope and R&D Investment

HATEMI-J, M. IRANDOUST - Investigating Causal Relations between Fixed Investment and Economic Growth

F.G. MIXON, W.C. SAWYER, K.P. UPADHYAYA - Unit Root Test Popularity among Economists: Sampling the Literature

R.S. RAJAN, I. SUGEMA - The Devaluation of the Thai Baht and a Simple Second Generation Currency Crisis Model

F.M. SIOKIS - Does the Exchange Rate Depend upon Relative Monetary Policies?

M. TRONZANO - Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency: Did the EMS Make a Difference? A Cointegration-Based Empirical Investigation

D.A. WALKER - Financial and Economic Determinants of Privatization

F. COTULA ( a cura di) - Stabilità e sviluppo negli anni Cinquanta - 1. L'Italia nel contesto Internazionale (M. Ferraro).
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Volume LV, No. 2 - May 2002

A. AMATO - The Relationship between International Trade and Economic Growth: The Issues

M. MURAT - Growth, Trade and Unemployment

T. SINGH - On the Empirics of Trade and Growth Relationship in India

A. KING - Evaluating Thirlwall's Law: Does Country Size Matter?

J. CUKROWSKI, E. AKSEN, M.M. FISCHER - Propagation of Crises across Countries: Trade Roots of Contagion Effects

F. REGANATI - Intra-Industry Trade and International Production in the Italian Manufacturing Sector: A Case for Testing The Theory

S.S. KYEREME - Factors Influencing United State' Trade Balance with Italy Balance

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Volume LV, No. 3 - August 2002

N. APERGIS, C. VELENTZAS - The Impact of Financial Deregulation in Greece on Consumption Patterns

M.F. CALMETTE - A Two-Way Trade Model without Reciprocal Dumping

W.R. DIPIETRO, B.L. SAWHNEY - Development and Inequality

B. HEITGER - The Scope of Government and its Impact on Economic Growth in OECD Countries

M.J. HOLMES, P. WANG - Do Monetary Shocks Exert Nonlinear Real Effects on UK Industrial Production?

C. PATTICHIS - Exchange Rate Behaviour in Target Zones: A Note on the Euro/Cyprus Pound Exchange Rate

E. SEGHEZZA - Economic Growth and Income Inequality

G.A. VAMVOUKAS - Output, Money, and Interest Rates in Macroeconomic Fluctuations

BANCA D'ITALIA - Le economie del Mediterraneo (a cura di G. Gomel e M. Roccas) (M. Ferraro)

J.A. MATHEWS - Dragon Multinational: A New Model for Global Growth (A. Goldstein)
P.A. MESSERLIN - Measuring the Cost of Protection in Europe: European Commercial Policy in the 2000s (M.N. Jovanovic)

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Volume LV, No. 4 - November 2002


P.A. ANDERSSON, B. SJÍÍ - Inflation, Monetary Policy and Structural Adjustment in Zambia

M. BENLAHCEN TLEMăANI, S. TAHI - Nouvelles dynamiques territoriales et intégration des pays du Maghreb à l'Union Européenne

P. DELLA POSTA - Non-Credible Intervention Commitments in a Fixed Exchange Rate System and the 1992-93 EMS Crisis

R. MAHADEVAN - ĹPerspiration' versus ĹInspiration' in Malaysian Industrialisation.

D.G. MAYES, M. VIR╔N - Financial Conditions Indexes

I.A. MOOSA - Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: A Microeconomic Approach


S. RENZETTI (a cura di) - The Economics of Industrial Water Use (M.Conti)
C. ROBINSON (a cura di) - Utility Regulation and Competition Policy (M.Conti)
M.R. SALEH (a cura di) - Resources and Water Economic Development (M.Conti)

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