Camera di Commercio di Genova | 2000


Volume LIII, No. 1 - February 2000

P.C. AFXENTIOU - An Appraisal of the International Saving Investment Relation

C. BENASSI, R. CELLINI, A. CHIRCO - A Note on Income Polarization and Free-Entry Equilibrium: United States versus European Union

B. N. GHOSH - Financial Crisis in the MIT Countries: Myths and Realities

A. KANAS - Exchange Rate Economic Exposure under Collusive Pricing and Hedging Using Asian Currency Options

T. KOUTSOBINAS - Liquidity Preference, Expected Profitability and Investment

H. MOHAMMADI - Budget Deficits and the Foreign Trade Balance: A Cross-Country Study

I. MOOSA, M. KORCZAK - The Role of Fundamentalists and Technicians in Exchange Rate Determination

K.P. UPADHYAYA, D. DHAKAL, F.G. MIXON - Exchange Rate Adjustment and Output in Selected Latin American Countries

U. COLLIER (Edited by) - Deregulation in the European Union. Environmental Perspectives (G. D'Alauro)
C. EATON., R. HARRIS (Edited by) - Trade Technology and Economics: Essays in Honour of Richard G. Lipsey (M. N. Jovanovic)
C. EATON, R.G. LIPSEY - On the Foundations of Monopolistic Competition and Economic Geography (M. N. Jovanovic)
R.G. LIPSEY - Macroeconomic Theory and Policy (M.N. Jovanovic)
R.G.LIPSEY - Microeconomics, Growth and Political Economy (M. N. Jovanovic)
G.B. PITTALUGA - Economia monetaria: Moneta - Credito - Attività produttiva. (M. Conti)

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Volume LIII, No. 2 - May 2000

R.J. CEBULA, S.M. RENAS - A Theoretical Note on the Impact of Debt Service Responsiveness to Interest Rates on Macroeconomic Stability

D.P. CLARK, W.C. SAWYER, R.L. SPRINKLE - Tariff Elimination Staging Categories and the North American Free Trade Agreement

R.A. DE SANTIS - L'Unione doganale tra l'Unione Europea e la Turchia: una stima dell'impatto economico sull'economia turca

N.D. KARUNARATNE - Rival Macroeconomic Paradigms and Australian Stylised Facts

R. LEVAGGI - Health Care Expenditure across OECD Countries: A Public Choice Approach

O.F. SAQIB - The Effects of Devaluation: Stabilization-cum ČLiberalization Policies in the Case of the Turkish Economy

K.H. ZHANG - Human Capital, Country Size, and North-South Manufacturing Multinational Enterprises

C. COSGROVE-SACKS (Edited by) - The European Union and Developing Countries: The Challenges of Globalization (M.N Jovanovic)
K.H. ZHANG - Human Capital, Country Size, and North-South Manufacturing Multinational Enterprises....
EUROPEAN COMMISION - The Single Market Review: Foreign Direct Investment (MX. Jovanovic)
M.G. LUCIA - La geografia finanziaria. Mercati e territorio (L. Molinari)

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Volume LIII, No. 3 - August 2000

Y K. AL-YOUSIF - Financial Markets: An Islamic Perspective

M. ENDOH - The Formation of Customs Unions and the Effect on Government Policy Objectives

G. HONDROYIANNIS - Estimating Demand for Money within the European Union Area

A.K. KUNDRA, V. SFIARAN - Performance Evaluation of Indian Export-Processing Zones since Economic Liberalisation

M. LIMOSANI - Crowding in or Crowding out in a Tobinian Model: A Note on the Economic Consequences of Financing Government Deficits when Money Supply is Endogenous

R. RAM - Private Investment, Freedom, Openness, and Economic Growth: Evidence from Recent
Cross-Country Data

D. SIDERIS - Dealing with Methodological Problems when Testing for Purchasing Power Parity:
Evidence from Greece

D.T. TRAN, B. SAWHNEY - Does Growth Cause Inflation? Granger-Causality and Cointegration Tests: The Case of Portugal

P. BRAUNERHJELM, R. FAINI, V. NORMAN, FI RUANE, P. SEABRIGHT - Integration and the Regions of Europe: How the Right Policies Can Prevent Polarization (M.N. Jovanovic)
M. FUJITA, E KRUGMAN, A.J. VENABLES - The Spatial Economy (M.N.Jovanovic)

Abstracts: pdf - 9 pages, 48,8 kbyte


Volume LIII, No. 4 - November 2000

P.C. AFXENTIOU - Convergence, the Maastricht Criteria, and Their Benefits

R.J. CEBULA - A Brief Empirical Note on the Impact of Crude Oil Prices on Domestic Inflation: The Case of the United States, 1965-1999

G. D'ALAURO - Problems of Over and Under-Representation of Member States in the European Union: Some Points for Evaluation

L. DE BENEDICTIS - Disoccupazione e commercio internazionale

D. FRANTZEN - R&D, Intersectoral and International Knowledge Spillovers and Human Capital: An Empirical Investigation

M.N. JOVANOVIC┤ - Eastern Enlargement of the European Union: Sour Grapes or Sweet Lemon?

I.A. MOOSA, N.E. AL-LOUGHANI - An Exchange Rate Forecasting Model when the Underlying Currency is Pegged to a Basket

R.S. RAJAN - Are Multinational Sales to Affiliates in High Tax Countries Overpriced? A Simple Illustration

M. OLSON - Power and Prosperity: Outgrowing Communist and Capitalist Dictatorships (A. Goldstein)

Abstracts: pdf - 9 pages, 52,4 kbyte