Camera di Commercio di Genova | 1999


Volume LII, No. 1 - February 1999

G.S. GHEBREYESUS - Output Growth and Employment Effects of Manufactured Exports in Taiwan

G. GOKKENT - Simultaneous Home Bias and Cross-Holding of Assets Under Information Asimmetry

K. HVIDING, J. THORNTON - Does Inflation Affect Productivity Growth in the G7 Economies?
D. JIANPING - Agglomeration Effects in Manufacturing Location - Are there any Country's Preferences?

Z. MAHMOOD, H. NAZLI - Estimates of Unrecorded Private Capital Movements

C. PAPAZOGLOU - Exchange Rate Policy in Transition Economies: The Initial Choice and the Subsequent Experience

G. ROBEL - Can Adjustments to Working Hours Help Reduce Unemployment if Firms Act Globally?

N. C. BALTAS, G. DEMOPOULOS, J. HASSID (a cura di) - Economic Interdependence and Cooperation in Europe (M.N. Jovanovic)
T. BARKER, J. KĎHLER (a cura di), International Competitiveness and Environmental Policies (G. D'Alauro)
D. BESOMI, G. RAMPA - Dal liberalismo al liberismo: Stato e merČcato nella storia delle idee e nell'analisi degli economisti (M. Conti)
A. CHANDLER JR, E AMATORI, T. HIKIN0 (a cura di) - Big Business and the Wealth of Nations (A. Goldstein)
T. MC CRAW (a cura di) - Creating Modem Capitalism. How Entrepreneurs, Companies, and Countries Triumphed in Three Industrial Revolutions (A. Goldstein)

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Volume LII, No. 2 - May 1999

The Greek Economy: Current Issues

I. KASKARELIS, L. TSOULFIDIS - Inflation, Demand, Import Competition and Markups in Greek Manufacturing Industries

K. MATTAS, V. TZOUVELEKAS - The Impact of EU Membership: Lessons from the Greek Experience

H.V. MERTZANIS, C. SIRIOPOULOS - Financial Regulation and Stock Market Volatility in the Athens Stock Exchange

T.B. PALASKAS, P. REPPAS, D. CHRISTOPOUL0S - Technological Capability: Empirical Evidence from the Turkish and Greek Industrial Sector

J.M. PALEOLOGOS, S.E. GEORGANTELIS - Does the Fisher Effect Apply in Greece? A Cointegration Analysis

N. TSOUNIS - The Static Effects of the Singie Market Programme on Greek Manufacture

G. BARBA NAVARETTI, E DASGUPTA, K.G. MALER, D. SINISCALCO (a cura di) - Creation and Transfer of Knowledge (M. Conti)

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Volume LII, No. 3 - August 1999

P.C. AFXENTIOU - Export Growth, Export Instability and Development: Some Thoughts and Tests

M. ALKHATIB ALKSVANI, H.A. AL-T0WAIJARI - Cointegration, Error Correction and the Demand for Money in Saudi Arabia

R.J. CEBULA, J.V. KOCH - U.S. Federal Budget Deficits: An Exploratory Empirical Note on Determining Factors during the Carter and Reagan Administrations

E. COLOMBATTO, J.C. DAVIS, D.E.R. GAY - Journal Articles about the Italian Economy, 1980-1996

V. DE BONIS - International Tax Coordination: Indirect Taxation

K.H. GHALI - Capital Ownership and its Impact on International Trade and Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis

P. OSLINGTON - Duality and the Specific Factors Model

D. SINHA - Do Exports Promote Savings in African Countries?

R. BALDWIN, D. COHEN, A. SAPIR, A. VENABLES (a cura di) - Market Integration, Regionalism and the Global Economy (M.N. Jovanovic)
M. PIFFERI, A. PORTA - La banca centrale europea - La gestione della politica monetaria nell'area dell'euro (M. Conti)
D. SINISCALCO, B. BORTOLOTTI, M. FANTINI, S. VITALINI - Privatizzazioni difficili (M. Conti)

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Volume LII, No. 4 - November 1999

R. ALEXANDER, A. KING - Growth and the Balance of Payments Constraint

A.A. BOLBOL - Deficits, Debt, and Post-War Lebanon: Analysis and Policy Proposals

S. DE GLERIA - Growth, Development and Innovation in N. Georgescu-Roegen's Thought (with a case study: The ĹBank of the Poor')

J.K. MULLEN, M. WILLIAMS - Do Skilled Labor Shortages Reduce Interregional Manufacturing Productivity?

A. TESTI - An Almost Ideal Dynamic Demand System Applied to Italian Households

K.H. ZHANG - Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Evidence from Ten East Asian Economies

E.L. BUSCH - Trade Warriors. States, Firms, and Strategic Trade Policy in High-Technology Competition (A. Goldstein)
A. QUADRIO CURZIO (a cura di) - Gli economisti italiani nella loro Associazione. Materiali per 50 anni di attività SIE (a.a.)

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Supplemento al Volume LII, No. 1 - February 1999 Numero Speciale

A. AMATO - The Sustainability Report. Introduction

S. COLLIGNON - European Monetary Union, Convergence and SuČstainability. A Fresh Look at Optimum Currency Area Theory

S. COLLIGNON - Sustaining Monetary Stability

H.-P. FROEHLICH - Wage Behavior and the Sustainability of EMU

S. COLLIGNON, S. MUNDSCHENK - The Sustainability of Public Debt in Europe

P. BOFINGER - Sustainability of Fiscal Policies and EMU

S. FANTACONE, 5. GINEBRI, P.C. PADOAN - Who's Afraid of Italy's Adjustment? Sustainability of EMU as seen from an Undisciplined Country

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