Camera di Commercio di Genova | 1996


Volume XLIX, No. 1 - February 1996

Y. ALTUNBAS, P. MOLYNEUX, J. THORNTON - The Cost Implications of Hypothetical Bank Mergers in Italy

R.J. CEBULA, C. HUNG, N.D. MANAGE - Ricardian Equivalence, the Structural Deficit, and the Cyclical Deficit: A Note

Z. IQBAL, K.H. SHEIKH - Short-term and Long-term Employ¬ment Functions in Pakistan's Large-scale Manufacturing Industries

G. ORCALLI - Dumping, antidumping e politica della concorrenza

R. SAU - Financial and Real Investments: Some Notes on Tobin Tax

L. STELLA - A Post-Keynesian View of Economic Growth: A Review Article

AA.VV. - Is There a European Economic? (G. D'Alauro)
D.H. ALDCROFT, S. MOREWOOD - Economic Change in East¬ern Europe since 1918 (L. Massone)
T. FELVINCZI (a cura di) - The Path to Econornic Development (L. Massone)
H. HERR, S. T0BER, A. WESTPHAL (a cura di) - Macroeconomic Problems of Transformation: Stabilization Policies and Economic Restructuring (L. Massone)

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Volume XLIX, No. 2 - May 1996

Y.K. AL-YOUSIF - On the Inflationary Process in Kuwait: Some Empirical Results

G. CROCE - Fluttuazioni del prodotto e persistenza: una verifica per l'Italia

C. D'ADDA, A. E. SCORCU - Qual è il grado di mobilità internazionale dei capitali nelle economie industrializzate?

A.K. FOSU - Development Level, Trade and Economic Growth: Comparative Evidence from the More Developed Countries

I. HOROWITZ - A Note on Exports under Multi-Market Ex change-Rate Uncertainty

S.R. KHAN, S. AFTAB - Devaluation and the Balance of Trade: A Policy Analysis for Pakistan

G.I. NWANNA - Currency Devaluation and Growth: The Case of a Tourism-based Economy

B. SRINIVAS - Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Debt: Experience of India and China

P.A.G. Van BERGEIJK - Economic Diplomacy, Trade and Commercial Policy: Positive and Negative Sanctions in a New World Order (L. M.)
B. QUINTIERI (a cura di) - Patterns of Trade, Competition and Trade Policies (L. M)

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Volume XLIX, No. 3 - August 1996

N. ANTONAKIS - Military Expenditure and Economic Growth in Less Developed Countries: A Simulta¬neous Equation Approach with an Appli¬cation to Greece, 1958-90

M. BAGELLA - Integrazione finanziaria, movimento dei capitali e debito estero: lezioni dall'America Latina

B. FAYISSA - Human Capital, Research & Development, Trade and Economic Growth

R. E. LOONEY - Privatization of Public Enterprises in Pakistan: Macroeconomic Impacts on Private Indus¬trial Investment

D. MARDAS, N. VARSAKELIS - Foreign Direct Investment in a Small Open Economy: The Case of Greece

J.A. MARTELLARO - China's Economic Miracle: Myth or Reality?

J. THORNTON, A. GARCIA-HERRERO - Commodity Prices as a Guide for Monetary Policy: Evidence from the United Kingdom

M. TRONZANO - Imperfect Credibility in a Target Zone. A New Approach and Some Evidence from Euro¬pean Countries

K. ALDERS, K. KOEDIJK, C. K00L, C. WINDER (a cura di) -Monetary Policy in a Converging Europe (L.M.)
B. EICHENGREEN, J. FRIEDEN, J. von HAGEN (a cura di) -Monetary and Fiscal Policy in an inte¬grated Europe (L.M.)
B. EICHENGREEN, J. FRIEDEN, J. von HAGEN (a cura di) - Politics and Institutions in an Integrated Europe (L. M.)

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Volume XLIX, No. 4 - November 1996

J.M. van BRABANT - Remaking Europe - the Accession of Transition Economies

V. DALL'AGLIO - Commercio internazionale nei modelli ricardiani

I.A. KASKARELIS, E.G. VARELAS - An Economic Business Cycles Model with Credit Constraints: The Case of Greece

N. KHADKA - A Study of the Impact of Aid on Nepal's Economy

D. MEUWLY - Currency Convertibility and Transition Towards Market Economy: The Rouble Case

D. SINHA - Saving and Economic Growth in India

R: TANDON - Japanese Financial Deregulation since 1984

F. BRUNI, D.E. FAIR, R. O'BRIEN (a cura di) - Risk Management in Volatile Financial Markets (L. M.)
R.J. HERRING, R.E. LITAN - Financial Regulation in the Global Economy (L.M.)

Abstract: pdf - 7 pages, 47,1 kbyte