Camera di Commercio di Genova | 1995


Volume XLVIII, No. 1 - February 1995

E.M. BALKAN, U. EROL - Country Risk and International Portfolio Diversification

C. DANIEL, III - Collusion's Role in International Oligopolistic Equilibria: Suggestions from a Conjectural Variations Approach

V. DE BONIS- L'approccio del ciclo di vita del prodotto: aspetti teorici e applicazione all'integraČzione tra Comunità Europea e paesi dell'Europa centro-orientale

G.S. GHEBREYESUS - Sources of Economic Growth and Structural Change in Taiwan and Pakistan

M. K. SCHULER - On Intra-Industry Trade in Intermediates

A. M. TURAY - The Devaluation of the Chinese Renbinbi: A Policy Choice for Economic Stabilization and Growth

AA.VV. - L'Europa dopo Maastricht: problemi e prospettive (G. D'Alauro)
D. SALVATORE - International Economics - Fifth Edition (L. Massone)

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Volume XLVIII, No. 2 - May 1995

P.C. AFXENTIOU - Some Thoughts on the Government Sector: The Case of Canada

P. ATHUKORALA - Terms of Trade for Manufactured Exports from Developing Countries

R.J. CEBULA - An Empirical Analysis of the Likely Impact of Shortening the Maturity Structure of the Federal Government Debt in the United States

M.N. JOVANOVIC - Economic Integration among Developing Countries and Foreign Direct Investment

K. SOSIN - F. ZAHN - The Federal Government Deficit, Interest Rates, and Moderating Linkages

European Association for Banking History, e. V. - Handbook on the History of European
Banks (L. Massone)
W.H. REINICKE - Banking, Politics and Global Finance -American Commercial Banks and ReguČlatory Change, 1980-1990 (L. Massone)
A. TEICHOVA, T. GOURVISH, A. POGANY (a cura di) -Universal Banking in the Twentieth Century - Finance, Industry and the State in North and Central Europe (L. Massone)

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Volume XLVIII, No. 3 - August 1995

S. DE GLERIA - Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen: A Mind That Thought above His Time

J.-L. DEMEULEMEESTER, D. ROCHAT - An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between the Exchange Value of the Pound and the UK Trade Balance

G. HOMAIFAR, J. ZIETZ - Official Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market and the Random Walk Behavior of Exchange Rates

N.C. MODESTE - The Impact of Growth in the Tourism Sector on Economic Development: The Experience of Selected Caribbean Countries

P. PANTELIDIS, D. KYRKILIS - Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Trade Patterns of Eastern European Economies

G. SCANAGATTA - Trasferimenti normali e anormali di capitali: attualità del pensiero di Marco Fanno

J. THORNTON - Financial Deepening and Economic Growth in Developing Countries

T. GEORGAKOPOULOS, CC. PARASKEVOPOULOS, J. SMITHIN (a cura di) -Economic Integration between Unequal Partners (L. Massone)
W. MOLLE - The Economics of European Integration: Theory, Practice, Policy - Second Edition (L. Massone)
N. REICH, G. WOODROFFE (a cura di) - European Consumer Policy after Maastricht (L. Massone)
F. SACHWALD (a cura di) - European Integration and Competitiveness: Acquisitions and Alliances in Industry (L. Massone)

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Volume XLVIII, No. 4 - November 1995

L.P. BLENMAN - An Analysis of the Effects of Market Constraints on Simple Multi-currency Arbitrage Strategies

D.K. FAUSTEN - Exploratory Estimates of the Influence of Economic Activity on German Portfolio Investment Abroad

N.D. KARUNARATNE - The Effectiveness of Exchange Rate Intervention in Post-Float Australia

A.M.M. MASIH, R. MASIH - Does Only Unanticipated Monetary Growth Matter? An Econometric Investigatiori of Ten Asian Countries

J. MENON - The Relationship between the Law of One Price and Exchange Rate Pass-through

E. POLI - Il NAFTA e l'economia messicana. Un caso di cooperazione tra Paesi sviluppati e Paesi in via di sviluppo

A.A. V.V. - Sistema finanziario e governo del cambiamento (G. D'Alauro)
Bureau International du Travail - L'emploi dans le monde 1995: un rapport de l'OIT (L. Massone)
G. LA VOLPE - Studies on the Theory of Generai Dynamic Economic Equilibrium (O. D'Alauro)
A. RONCAGLIA, P. SYLOS LABINI - Il pensiero economico - Temi e protagonisti (G. D'Alauro)

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