Camera di Commercio di Genova | 1994


Volume XLVII, No. 1 - February 1994

M. AHMAD - The Effects of Government Budget Deficits on the Interest Rates: A Case Study of a Small Open Economy

W. J. BELTON, R. J. CEBULA, I. S. SALTZ, A. UYSAL - Central GoČvernment Budget Deficits: Their Effects on Real GNP and Other Variables - The AMRC Model

O. KARRAS - Sources of Macroeconomic Fluctuations in a Small Open Economy: The Case of Greece

M. L▄CKE - A Note on Empirical Evidence on Factor InČtensity Reversals in Manufacturing

J. MENON - The Theory of Exchange Rates and Traded Goods Prices in the Short-Run

O. I. NWANNA - Currency Devaluation and Growth

O. SULIMAN, T. MENGISTU, R. LORENTZ, G. S. GHEBREYESUS - Exports Growth and Industrial Development: Some FurČther Evidence from South Korea

AA.VV. - Mercati illegali e mafie. L'economia del crimine organizzato (G. D'Alauro)
AA.VV. - Teoria economica e analisi delle istituzioni (G. D'Alauro)
A. CHOWDHURY, C. KIRXPATRICK - Development Policy and Planning; An introduction to models and techniques (L. Massone)
A. K. DUTT, K. P. JAMES0N (a cura di) - New Direetions in DeveČlopment Economics (L. Massone)
M. RICOTTILLI - Teoria dello sviluppo economico (L. Massone)
C. TORRICELLI - I mercati futures (O. D'Alauro)
F. VOLPI - Introduzione all'economia dello sviluppo (L. Massone)

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Volume XLVII, No. 2-3 - May-August 1994

M. ESSAYYAD, M. HADDAD, O. M. BENKATO - International Mutual Funds Stability and Benefits of Diversification

A. M. M. MASIH, R. MASIH - On the Robustness of Cointegration Tests of the Market Efficiency Hypothesis: Evidence from Six European Foreign Exchange Markets

O. OWOYE, O. A. ONAFOWORA - The Effects of Monetary Policy on Real Output: Evidence from West African Countries

P. PANTELIDIS, D. KYRKILS - Market Orientation of Foreign Direct Investment in Greek Manufacturing

R. POLAVARAPU, A. VAIDYA - Strategic Trade Policies for Small Countries

D. PORRNI - Economie di scopo e sistema bancario italiano: alcuni spunti teorici ed un tentativo di verifica empirica

M. POURNARAKIS -Global Strategies of Multinational in the Triad and the Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in the European Community

G. TRAVAGLINI - Cross-Country Growth Rates. A Testable Predator-Prey Model G.

K. ZESTOS - A Production Function Approach to Economic Integration: A Comparative Study

A. C. DARNELL - A Dictionary of Econometrics (L. Massone)
G. S. MADDALA - Econometrics Methods anci Applications (L. Massone)

Abstracts: pdf - 9 pages, 51,7 kbyte

Volume XLVII, No. 4 - November 1994

C. IMBRIANI, F. REGANATI - International Production and Economie
Integration: Towards Economic Convergence

Z. IQBAL - Why is Private Capital Fleeing from Pakistan? An Econometric Investigation

A. H. KHAN, L. HASAN, A. MALIK - Determinants of National Saving Rate in Pakistan

G. MASTROMATTEO - Tassazione e distribuzione del reddito in un modello post-keynesiano

I. A. MOOSA, R. H. BHATTI - Testing the Effectiveness of Arbitrage and Speculation under Flexible Exchange Rates

S. O. TRIANTIS - Income Change and Saving: Capital Supply for Economic Development

AA.VV. - United Germany and the New Europe (G. D'Alauro)
L. Bosco, 11. TAMB0RINI, F. TARGETTI (a cura di) - L'Italia e l'Europa oltre Maastricht (L. Massone)
C. TISDETIL - Environmental Economics: Policies for Environmental Management and Sustainable Development (S. Venere)

Abstracts: pdf - 7 pages, 25,6 kbyte