Camera di Commercio di Genova | 1993


Volume XLVI, No. 1 - February 1993

O. D'ALAURO, A. FOSSATI - Aldo Scotto: in memoriam

E. D. BEACH, N. H. COTTRELL, N. D. URI - Relative Purchasing Power Parity under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates

P. F. DE LOTTO - Recent Developments in the EEC External Pre¬ferential Agreements. Trade or Cooperation?

A. QAYUM - Effect of Foreign Investment on Foreign Exchange

V. SHARAN - Foreign Investments in India: Role of Nonresident Indians

J. WEILLER - Témoignages sur quelques renouveaux de la pensée « non-conformiste » en Economie appli¬quée, des «Nouveaux principes» (1819) à «L'Europe sans rivages, quarante ans après » (1991)

AA.VV. - Karl Marx's Economics: Critical Assessments (G. D'Alauro)
R. G. BODKIN, L. R. KLEIN & K. MARWAH - A History of Macro¬econometric Model-Building (A. Amato)
M. FANNO - Teoria del credito e della circolazione (G. Scanagatta)
M. J. LORD - Imperfect Competition and International Commodity Trade (A. Amato)
M. MANFREDINI GASPARETTO (a cura di) - Marco Fanno. L'uomo e l'economista (G. D'Alauro)
K. MARX - Il Capitale - Libro terzo (G. D ‘Alauro)

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Volume XLVI, Num. 2-3 - May-August 1993

P. C. AFXENTIOU, A. SERLETIS - International Capital Mobility and the Long-Run Investrnent and Saving in Canada

L. BELTRAMETTI - On International Differences in Dividend Policies

P. DE LOMBAERDE - The Bilateral Manufactures Balance of Trade Between the U.S. and Japan, Protectionism, Game Theory, and « The Free Trade Domain »

G. KARATZAS - Government Deficits, Monetization, International Reserve Flows, and Inflation in Selected African Countries

G. P. KOURETAS - Wages, Flexible Exchange Rates and Commercial Policy

J. M. PALEOLOGOS - An Investigation on the Effectiveness of the Devaluation Policy in the Case of the Greek Economy: 1975 I - 1991 I

K. C. ROY, Y. R. VADLAMUDI - Does Larger Aid Necessarily Produce Greater Beneficial impact? Some Comments on Australian Aid to Bangladesh and India

H. K. TSENG - Forward Intervention, Risk Premium and the Fluctuations of International Financial Market

AA.VV. - 1993. Dove va l'economia italiana? (G. D'Alauro
AA.VV. - Rethinking Socialism - «Third World Quarterly » - Special issue: Volume 13, Number
1/1992 (L. Massone)
G. M. FAROOQ, Y. OFOSU - Population, main-d'oeuvre et emploi: concepts, tendances et politiques (L. Massone)
L. M. MILONE - Libero scambio, protezionismo e cooperazione internazionale nel pensiero di Keynes (G. D'Alauro)
G. NARDOZZI (a cura di) - Il ruolo della banca centrale nella recente evoluzione dell'economia italiana (G. D'Alauro)

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Volume XLVI, Num. 4 - November 1993

R. J. CEBULA, I. S. SALTZ - The Capital Intensity of Technology and Foreign Direct Investment in the Third World: An Empirical Analysis

T. A. GEORGAKOPOULOS - Trade and Welfare Effects of Common Market Membership: An Ex-post Evaluation for Greece

T. GRIES, B. WIGGER - The Dynamics of Upgrading or How to Catch-up - Imitation and Growth of Newly Industrializing Countries

A. J. MAKIN - Capital Market Integration and Australia's External Surplus

M. TRONZANO - Crescita, convergenza e strategie di sviluppo: alcune riflessioni

AA.VV. - The End of the Cold War (G. D'Alauro)
R. BARREL., J. WHITLEY (a cura di) - Macroeconomic Policy Coordi¬nation in Europe: The ERM and Monetary Union (L. Massone)
A. FRANCHINI STAPPO - Ricerche per una teoria della politica economica (G. D'Alauro)
A. JACQUEMIN, D. WRIGHT (a cura di) - The European Challenges post-1992: Shaping Factors, Shaping Actors (L. Massone)
F. LAIJRSEN, S. VANHOONAOKER (a cura di) - The Intergovernmental Conference on
Political Union: Institutional Re¬forms, New Policies and International Identity of the European Community (L. Massone)
R. S. MASERA, S. ROSSI - La bilancia dei pagamenti (G. D'Alauro)
H. W. SINGER, S. ROY - Economic Progress and Prospects in the Third World: Lessons of Development Expe¬rience Since 1945 (L. Massone)

Abstracts: pdf - 6 pages, 39,9 kbyte