Camera di Commercio di Genova | 1992


Volume XLV, No. 1 - February 1992

B. CARRIER - Changements structurels et investissement multidimensionnel

P. K. MITRA - The analytical Aspects of Adjustment Programs

G. PARAMITHIOTTI - L'evoluzione degli scambi intra-CEE ed extra-CEE di servizi: alcune osservazioni empiriche

M. TAMBERI - How much is Backwardness an Advantage? Further Reflections on the Road from Backward¬ness advantages to Convergence

M. TRONZANO - Long-Run purchasing Power Parity and Mean Reversion in Real Exchange Rates: A Further Assessment

AA.VV. - 1992. Dove va l'economia italiana? (G. D'Alauro)
T. J. BOLE III, W. B. BONDENSON (a cura di) - Rights to Health Care (L. M.)
D. BÖS, B. FELDERRR (a cura di) - The Political Economy of Pro¬gressive Taxation (O. D'Alauro)
P. DE WOLF (a cura di) - Competition in Europe - Essays in Honour of Henk W. de Jong (G. D'Alauro)
O. DURU, J. H. P. PAELINCK (a cura di) - Econometrics of Health Care (L. M.)
D. PICCOLO - Introduzione all'analisi delle serie storiche (G.D.)
P. ZWEIFEL, H. E. FRECH III (a cura di) - Health Economics Worldwide (L. M.)

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Volume XLV, No. 2 - May 1992

P. ALEXAKIS, M. XANTHAKIS - Export Performance of Greek Manufacturing Companies. Export Subsidies and Other Factors

A. K. AL-SAJI - The Impact of Government Budget Deficits mi Ex Post Real Long Terra Interest Rates in the United Kingdom, 1960: 1 - 1990: 2

E. M. BALKAN, U. EROL - Inflation and Nominal Interest Rates in the United States

M. BLEANEY- A Test of Long-Run Purchasing Power Parity Using Annual Data for Seven Countries, 1900-88

G. CIFARELLI - Exchange Rate Market Efficiency Tests and Cointegration Analysis

R. MEDHORA - Reserve Pooling in the West African Monetary Union

T. POTIOWSKY, A. QAYUM - Effect of Domestic Capital Formation and Foreign Assistance on Rate of Economic Growth

E. G. FRANKEL - Management of Technological Change (L. Massone)
T. H. LEE, P. P. REID (a cura di) - National Interests in an Age of Global Technology (L. Massone)
G. LUNGHINI, L. RAMPA (a cura di) - Struttura interdipendenza e tecnologia nell'economia italiana (L. Massone)
R. MIDORO - Dallo shipping all'intermodalità: elementi di gestione strategica dell'impresa (O. D'Alauro)
U. TÄGER, A. VON WITZLEBEN (a cura di) - Patinnova ‘90. Strategies for the Protection of Innovation - Proceedings of the First European Congress on Industrial Property Rights and Innovation (L. M.)

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Volume XLV, No. 3-4 - August-November 1992

J. A. ALSADEK, A. F. DARRAT, M. O. SULIMÀN - Economic Growth and the Role of Private Sector: Some Empirical Results

R. J. CEBULA, W. BELTON - Deficits and Real Interest Rates in the United States: A Note on the Barro Theory versus the Cuckierman-Meltzer Theory of Go¬vernment Debt and Deficits in a Neo-Ricardian Framework

G. GALEAZZI - Scelte ottimali di risparmio/investimento, esternalità di produzione e partite correnti

R. E. GIFT - Unstable Transfer Policy, Threat Perception and the Legal Foundations

N. D. KARUNARATNE - The Twin Deficits Hypothesis in the Australian Context

S. SUNDARARAJAN - Effects of Monetary and Import Price Changes on the Dynamics of Inflation in Six Asian Courtiers

E. ŽIŽMOND - Price Levels and Price Disparities in Slovenia

AA.VV. - Environment, Employment and Development (L. Massone)
AA.VV. - Europa 1993: Supermarkt oder Sozialraum? (L. M.)
AA.VV. - Ökonomie und Politik beruflicher Bildung - Europӓische Entwicklungen (L. M.)
A. HERRMANN, W. LEIBFRITZ, P. BIRCH, SÒRENSEN, M. WEGNER -Probleme und Chancen einer Koordinicrung der Finanzpolitik in der EG (L. M.)
G. MONTANI - Unione europea, sviluppo economico e democrazia internazionale (F. Praussello)
Organisation Mondiale de la Santé - La Santé des femmes: à travers 1'âge et les frontières (L. Massone)
M. TEUTEMANN - Rationale Kompetenzvertcilung im Rahmen der europӓischen Integrationein Beitrag zur finanzwirtschaftlichen Ordnungspolitik (L. M.)

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