Camera di Commercio di Genova | 1980


Volume XXXIII, - 1980

P. C. AFXENTIOU - Anti-Government Sentiments and Their Policy Implications

M. S. ANDREWS - Unequal Exchange and the International Law of Value: An Empirical Note

R. C. BABAN - The GATT and Free-Trade Agreements Between Market and Centrally-Planned Economies

M. BALDASSARRI - Government Deficit, Inflation and Growth in a Two-Country Model of International Trade: Who Bears the Burden?

A. R. BLAIR - Economic Expansion, Resource Allocation and International Trade Theory: Some Empirical Observations

M. CARANZA e A. TESTI - Alcune considerazioni sull'andamento della propensione media al consumo in Italia nel pe riodo 1961-1977

R. J. CEBULA - More on Analyzing the Phillips Curve for the United States, 1950-1975

J. B. DONGES - The Spanish Industry in Face of Its Integration Into the European Community

P. L. GILIBERT - Real Cash Balances in Hyperinflation: Cagan's Model Revisited

J. W. JADLOW - A Note on the Importance of Disaggregate Data

B. JOSSA - Inflazione e cambi flessibili

R. KĎLINSKI - Monetarism or Keynesianism: A Matter of Faith?

N. V. LAM - Export Instability, Growth and Primary Commodity Concentration. A Methodological Inter pretation

R. PAMPALONI VIOLI - Concorrenza monopolistica ed eccesso di capacità produttiva: un riesame della controversia Chamberlin-Harrod

A. QAYUM and M. ATTARAN - Impact of Sectoral Growth Rate on the Growth Rate of the GNP

P. G. REINHARDT - Does Stability Analysis Implicitly Preclude Departures from Equilibrium?

D. M. SHAPIRO - Domestic Determinants of U.S. Direct Foreign Investment Outflows

L. SUAREZ-VILLA - Comparative Advantages in the Location and Substitution of Crude Oil for Coal Inputs in Petrochemical Production: A Case Study of the Southeastern United States

M. TRONZANO - Analisi di due modelli monetaristi del tasso di cambio. Un'applicazione al caso lira/dollaro

J. S. UPPAL - Agrarian Structure and Land Reforms in India

N.D. URI and J. W. MIXON - The Effect of Exports and Imports on the Stability of Employment in Manufacturing Industries in the United States

AUTORI VARI - Comparative Law Yearbook, Vol. i e Vol. 2 (E. Ziani)
AUTORI VARI - Relations entre ╔tat et entreprises privées dans la C.E.E. - Information et controle (G. D'Alauro)
M. BORNSTEIN (Ed.) - Economic Planning, East and West (G. V.)
M. FRIEDMAN and A. JACOBSON SCHWARTZ - Il dollaro. Storia degli Stati Uniti (1867-1960) (O. D.)
P. GARBERO - Lavoro produttivo e lavoro improduttivo (R. Pampaloni Violi)
F. M. KAPLAN, J. M. SOBIN, S. ANDORS (Ed.), Encyclopedia of China Today (G. D'Alauro)
W. KRAUS - Wirtschaftliche Entwicklu1ig und sozialer Wan del in der VolksrePublik China (G. D'Alauro)
M. LAVIGNE - Les relations économiques est-ouest (G. Valentin)
V. MARRAMA, A. PERA, P. PUCCINELLI - Rapporto economico sulla Cina - Prezzi e redditi (G. D'Alauro)
A. A. MITCHELL - The Effect of Information on Consumer and Market Behavior (M. Giacometti)
C. RUINI - Teorie del salario - Il salario nella contrattazione collettiva (F. Caffè)

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