Camera di Commercio di Genova | 1975


Volume XXVIII, No. 1-2 - February-May 1975

M. EGIDI - Stabilità ed instabilità negli schemi sraffiani

S. ROSEFIELDE - Sovietology and Index Number Theory

R. ZANELETTI - Scarto inflazionistico e struttura della domanda

P. C. AFXENTIOU - Floating or no Floating and Economic Welfare

R. O. BARDWAJ - International Factor Prices With Neutral Technical Progress: Restatement and Extension

F. BOLL - The Two-Tier Foreign Exchange Market: A Comment

J. C. BRADA - Dynamic Capitalism and the Challenge to the United States: A Marxist View

J. R. DODSWORTH - Reserve Pooling: An Application of the Theory of Clubs

A. G. MALLIARIS - Monetary Growth Theory: A Critical Note

J. OVERBEEK - Mercantilism, Physiocracy and Population Theory

K. R. HOPE - The Post-War External Trade of Guyana

M. F. MAKKI and A. QAYUM - Prospects for Egyptian Economic Development

T. A. OYEJIDE - Exports and Economic Growth in African Countries

AUTORI VARI - Economia ed ecologia (G. Dellacasa)
AUTORI VARI - La teoria economica di fronte al sistema delle regioni (G. Dellacasa)
AUTORI VARI - Optimal Control Theory and Its Applications (C. Gosio)
INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS - Inflation, Causes, Consequences, Cures (l. r.)
L. LENTI - La contabilità degli italiani (O. D.)
L. LENTI - Grandeur et servitudes de l'économie italienne (O. D.)
S. LOMBARDINI - L'economia italiana al bivio (O. D.)
I. MAGGIORE - Il modello Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson (F. Praussello)
P. PASCALLON - La planification de l'économie francaise (L. G.)
L. SCARDOVI - Argomenti di metodologia statistica (C. Gosio)

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Volume XXVIII, No.3-4 - August-November 1975

J. ASCHHEIM and Y. S. PARK - Oil-Money Recycling: A New Transfer Problem

B. BARBERI - Aspetti statistici della bilancia dei pagamenti

A. CAMPOLONGO - La dimensione tempo nella politica economica

M. A. G. VAN MEERHAEGHE - The Multinational Enterprise

M. AGARWAL, H. ASKARI and W. CORSON - A Testing of the Ricardian Theory of Comparative Advantage.

H. ASKARI - A Note on Customs Union Theory

R. J. HENSLEY - Industrial Organization and Economic Development

C. C. MCDONOUGH - Hicksian Income-Substitution Effect Methodology Applied to an Instructor's Decision on Manuscript Submission: A Note

D. A. PEEL - Cost Push Inflation and the Supply of Money

M. A. R. ALI - The Magnitude, Determinants and Impact of Fluctuations in Government Expenditure in Developing Countries with Special Reference to the Sudan 1955-1967

V. J. BELFIGLIO - United States Foreign Grants and Credits to India

M. A. H. MULLICK - The Present Food Crisis: A Plaidoyer for Developing Food Potential in the Third World

E. OSAGIE - Monetary Disintegration and Integration in West Africa

R. W. T. POMFRET - Manufactured Export Expansion in a Semi-Developed Economy; The Israeli Case

W. G. TYLER - Skills and Brazilian Foreign Trade in Manufactures: Once Again

AUTORI VARI - Yugoslavia: Development with Decentralization (L. G.)
A. BEENHAKKER - A Kaleidoscopic Circumspection of Development Planning (L. Granelli)
A. P. GHOSH - Developinent Planning in South - East Asia (L. Granelli)
Z. Y. HERSHLAG - The Economic Structure of the Middle East (L. G.)
A. MITRA (Ed.) - Economic Theory and Planning (Essays in Honour of A. K. Das Gupta) (L. Granelli)
H. W. RICHARDSON - Regional Development Policy and Planning in Spain (L. G.)

Abstracts: pdf - 5 pages, 41,4 kbyte