Camera di Commercio di Genova | 1972


Volume XXV, No. 1 - February, 1972

O. CLAGUE and V. TANZI - Human Capital, Natural Resources and the Purchasing-Power Parity Doctrine: Some Empirical Results

K. A. MOHABBAT - The Effects of Non-Competing Groups on International Trade

L. J. MAUER and A. SCAPERLANDA - Remittances from United States Direct Foreign Investment in the European Economic Community: An Exploratory Estimate of Their Determinants

R. E. SLESINGER - The United States Economic Organization and the Challenge to Dynamic Capitalism in World Markets

E. GRILLI - Le stime del fabbisogno di capitale esterno dei paesi in via di sviluppo. Metodologia e risultati

K. R. G. NAIR - Inter-State Income Differentials in India 1960-1961: An Empirical Study

S. A. SARANTIDES - Import Demand Functions for Greece, 1953-64

H. H. SCHLOSS - The Euro-Bond Market and the United States Balance of Payments

R. J. WARDV - Aspects of the Income Inequality Problem in the Less Developed Countries

AUTORI VARI - Caratteristiche e prospettive dello sviluppo economico italiano (G. Dellacasa)
AUTORI VARI - La componente estera nell'economia italiana (F. Praussello)
M. E. LEVY (Ed.) - Containing Inflation in the Environment of the 1970's (l. r.)
J. L'HULLIER - Le système monétaire international. Aspects économiques (l. r.)
O.C.D.E.- Inflation. Le problème actuel (G. D.)
O.C.D.E.- Les politiques actuelles de lutte contre 1'inflation (G. D.)

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Volume XXV, No. 2 - May, 1972

P. J. LLOYD - Inflation, the Money Supply and Real Savings

R. MOSS╔ - La révision du système monétaire international

A. AMATO e I. CONSIGLIERE - Una estensione del modello di Mahalanobis e sua applicazione all'economia italiana.

J. O. BLACKBURN - A Note on Aggregate Labor Demand and Supply

S. MAITAL - Were Mercantilist Policies Consistent with the Price Specie Flow Mechanism?

C. B. THOMPSON and I. VERTINSKY - A Note on the Theory of Time Allocation

J. L. LUCIA - Objectives of Monetary Policy in Italy, 1961-1966

W. G. TYLER - Trade in Manufactures and Labor Skill Content: The Brazilian Case

I. WALTER - Non-Tariff Protection Among Industrial Countries: Some Preliminary Evidence

Ś Ś Ś Annual Review in Automatic Programming (G. Gosio)
V. R. N. ANTHONY - Contabilità per la direzione (O. D.)
G. C. ARCHIBALD - The Theory of Firm (l. r.)
AUTORI VARI - L'union monétaire en Europe (1. r.)
P. BAIROCH - Le tiers-monde dans 1'impasse (l. r.)
J. BOURRINET - Les échanges internationaux (pays industrialisés) (1. r.)
F. DAVID - Le mythe de l'exportation (G. D'Alauro)
D. C. LAMBERT et J. M. MARTIN - L'Amérique Latine (G. D'Alauro)
R. LAYARD, J. KING and C. MOSER - The Impact of Robbins (l. r.)
L. LERETAILLE - Les choix budgétaires (l. r.)
J. MARCHAL et J. LECAILLON - Analyse monétaire (O. D'Alauro)
E. VESSILLIER - Fondements de l'économie financière (1. r.)

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Volume XXV, No. 3 - August, 1972

W. LEONTIEF - Ipotesi teoriche ed aspetti trascurati della scienza economica

P. PASCALLON - Les limites de la définition de l'optimum: critique de la solution du ź second best ╗

F. VICARELLI - Verso un' integrazione tra teoria, pura e teoria monetaria dei commercio internazionale (Parte Prima)

B. BHASKARA RAO - Empiricism and Economic Theories

D. LAL - A Suggested Balance of Payments Policy for Less Developed Countries (With Particular Reference to India)

O. SCHOTTA and R. SORENSEN - A ź Monetarist ╗ Model of Income Adjustment in an Open Economy: South Africa

H. R. WILLIAMS - Foreign Exchange Monetary Effects of Alternative Exchange Rate Systems

D. L. HUDDLE - Disequilibrium Foreign Exchange Systems and the Generation of Industrialization and Inflation in Brazil

J. ZRINYI - New Economic Policy in the United States (1962-1971)

AUTORI VARI - L'eurodollar (G. D'Alauro)
J. BOURRINET - Les échanges internatioriaux (pays en voie de développement) (O. D.)
J. H. DUNNING (ed.) - International Investment (O. D.)
G. GOUX, J. F. LANDEAU - Le péril américain (Le capital américain à l'étranger) (G. D'Alauro)
G. K. KELLEINER - International Trade and Economic Development (O. D.)
G. PARENTI - Statistica metodologica (l. r.)
C. G. F. SIMKIN - Economics at Large (G. D'Alauro)

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Volume XXV, No. 4 - November, 1972

J. TOBIN - Inflazione e disoccupazione

F. VICARELLI - Verso un'integrazione tra teoria pura e teoria monetaria del commercio internazionale (Parte Seconda)

D. BERNER and G. D'ADDA - A Note on the Import Content of Italian Final Demand

G. DELLACASA - Teoria e politica monetaria nel pensiero di Milton Friedman (Parte Prima)

W. R. HOSEK - Alternative Monetary Policies and the Stability of Equilibrium

P. O'BRIEN - On Commodity Concentration of Exports in Developing Countries

O. MARFELS - Concentration in Petroleum Refining in the European Community: An Entropy Approach

F. W. RUSHING - Growth, Capitai-Output Ratios, and the Soviet Chemical Industry

AUTORI VARI - Gold and World Monetary Problems. National Industrial Conference Board, Tarrytown, New York, October 6-10, 1965 (F. Praussello)
AUTORI VARI - World Monetary Reform. Plans and Issues (F. Praussello)
H. BOURGUINAT - Marché des changes et crises des monnaies (F. Praussello)
G. FELLONI - Gli investimenti finanziari genovesi in Europa tra il Seicento e la Restaurazione (G. D'Alauro)
B. GOSOVIC - UNCTAD: Conflict and Compromise (J. Kaufmann)
A. H. HANSEN - The Dollar and the International Monetary System (F. Praussello)
S. KUZNETS - Croissance et structure éeonomiques (F. Praussello)
W. E. MASON - Clarification of the Monetary Standard. The Concept and Its Relation to Monetary Policies and Objeetives (F. Praussello)
MEDIOCREDITO CENTRALE - Indagine sulle imprese industriali al 31 dicembre 1968. Vol. I e vol. II (R. Pampaloni Violi)
R. MOSS╔ - Les problèmes monétaires internationaux (F. Praussello)
A. PIETTRE - Monnaie et économie internationale du XIXe siècle à nos jours (F. Praussello)

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