Camera di Commercio di Genova | 1971


Volume XXIV, No. 1 - February, 1971

P. C. AFXENTIOU - Inflation as an Instrument of Economic Development: An Appraisal

M. ARCELLI- Natura e ruolo del tasso d'interesse nella teorica neoclassica dopo il dibattito sul ritorno delle tecniche

S. BERETTA - Sui criteri di commisurazione delle riserve monetarie

B. C. COHEN - The Johnsonian Savings Function and the Rate of Inflation

I. HOROWITZ - On the Similarity of Wages, Sales, and Investment among the Industries of the E.E.C. Nations: A Statistical Note

O. MEHMET - A Note on the Disguised Unemployment Hypothesis

W. P. GRAMM and O. MAURICE - A Note on Some Neglected Facets of U. S. Capital Controls

P. S. LAUMAS - Exports of Jute Manufactures from India - An Alternative Hypothesis

R. G. D. ALLEN - Teoria macroeconomica - analisi matematica (G. D.)
AUTOR.I VARI - L'avenir des relations éconorniques internationals (l. r.)
A. D. BAIN - The Control of the Money Supply (l. r.)
A. CAMPOLONGO - Organizzazioni Economiche Internazionali (l. r.)
O. ECKSTEIN - La finanza pubblica (l. r.)
C. H. FEINSTEIN - Socialism, Capitalism and Economie Growth (l.r.)
E. K. HAWKINS - The Principles of Development Aid (l. r.)
S. G. B. HENRY - Elementi di matematica per lo studio dell'economia (l. r.)
C. P. KINDLEBERGER - International Economics (l. r.)
C. P. KINDLEBERGER - Economia internazionale (l. r.)
U. MARCHESE - Il sistema dei trasporti - produzione, concorrenza, programmazione, localizzazioni (l. r.)
L. NEEDLEMAN - Regional Analysis (l. r.)
A. ZAUBERMAN - Aspects of Planometrics (O. D.)

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Volume XXIV, No. 2 - May, 1971

M. DE VERGOTTINI - Sugli indici di sviluppo economico

J. D. EPSTEIN - Specialization and Vulnerability: Notes on the Alternatives for Developing Countries

V. BARATTIERI e R. PATTI - Verso un nuovo assetto del sistema monetario internazionale

E. BORUKHOV - The Case for Official Stabilization of Exchange Rates

Y. LIM - Inflation and Capital Formation: Post War Korea

J. L. Y. CHANG - Export as Leading Sector: A Case of Post-Aid Economic Growth

R. J. HENSLEY - Trade and Development in Nigeria 1960-1965

M. FANNO, O. D'ALAURO - Elementi di scienza economica (l. r.)
C. E. FERGUSON - The Neoclassical Theory of Production and Distribution (l. r.)
G. LUNGHINI (ed.) - Valore, prezzi e equilibrio generale (l. r.)
J. MARCHAL - Monnaie et crédit (O. D'Alauro)
A. MASNATA - Le système socialiste-soviétique (O. D.)
L. B. PEARSON (ed.) - Associati nello sviluppo - Il Rapporto Pearson (G. D.)

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Volume XXIV, No. 3-4 - August - November, 1971

D. K. FAUSTEN - Monetary Policy for External Balance: Some Provisoes.

G. PALMERIO - Sviluppo in equilibrio in un modello del commercio internazionale

J. K. STEPHENS - Non-Neutral Technological Progress and Non-homogeneous Labor in a Cobb-Douglas Growth Model

O. O. ALLSBROOK, Jr. and C. D. DELORME, Jr. - More on Wage Rate Determination in Underpopulated, Underdeveloped Rural Areas

L. E. GALLAWAY and R. K. KOSHAL - The Phillips Curve for Italy

B. R. HAZARI - Interdependence of the Indian Production Structure

F. G. STEINDL - A Note on Price Flexibility and Full Employment

R. W. TRENTON - Agreement Exchange Rates

G. R. FEIWEL - Economic Development and the Functioning Mechanism of the Polish Economy: Some Lessons for Planners in Developing Economies

S. J. PATEL - Depressed Exporters: The Hard Core of the Development Problem

K. G. SAINI - The Case f or the International Dollar Standard

L. SZEPLAKI - Transition in Socialist Pricing Methods: Hungarian Experiments

V. V┴ZQUEZ-PRESEDO - The Role of Italian Migration in the Development of the Argentine Economy 1875-1914

F. BROOMAN - Macroeconomia (L. Vandone)
J. F. CLIFFORD(ed.) - Mani Versus Society in Eighteenth CenturyBritain: Six Points of View (G. D'Alauro)
R. M. GOODWIN - Elementary Economics from the Higher Standpoint (l. r.)
J. M. KEYNES - Teoria, generale dell'occupazione, dell'interesse e della moneta (O. D'Alauro)
D. M. LAMBERTON (ed.) - Economics of Information and Knowledge (l. r.)
G. PALOMBA - Fisica economica (A. M. Fusco)
G. PALOMBA - Morfologia economica (F. Manganelli)

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