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Institute for International Economics

In 1945 the University of Genoa (the Economics and Finance Laboratory) and the Chamber of Commerce in the persons of Professor Volrico Travaglini, Professor Orlando D'Alauro and the then President Francesco Manzitti and Secretary General Bruno Minoletti agreed on the creation of an Institute "for research into foreign trade and the world economy".
The official opening of the Institute was held in November 1946, attended by the Italian President Enrico de Nicola with the participation of authorities, economic operators and academics from all over Italy.
The objective of the Institute was not to operate as an advisory body to the Chamber of Commerce or the operators, neither did it aim to act as an economic policy lobby: the research themes focused on by the Institute were chosen according to purely scientific criteria. Francesco Manzitti believed that "In the context of international economics, the academics should study what they consider important from their point of view. This will inevitably result in their illustrating the advantages of free international relations, thus promoting the cultural development necessary for the overall development of the country".
The Institute's mission, therefore, was to create in Genoa a strong centre of scientific culture in the sector of international economics. This strategic decision proved to be far-sighted for the country, in which the main driving force for economic development, after post-war reconstruction, was free international trade relations.

In1948 the Institute published the first issue of  Economia Internazionale, which since start was considered a very high level scientific journal. It was written mainly in English and French and  provided a vehicle for circulation among economists worldwide of the most rigorous scientific ideas and analysis models in the field of political economy and international economy in particular.

Besides the publication of the Journal, the work of the Institute continues today with the promotion of the study of international economics with a view to contribute to its advancement. It is a centre for co-ordinating and stimulating scientific research and for providing information in the field of international economics. Another important initiative of the Institute was the set up of the Permanent Observatory on Mediterranean Economies. It was presented to firms and academics at a conference held on 21st November 2008 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the review Economia Internazionale/International Economics, with the participation of the Italian Minister for Economic Development. On the occasion the first edition of “International Economics Prize” and “Francesco Manzitti Prize" took place. The former is yearly awarded to an economist for his reaserch work and the latter to an entrepreneur who has earned a high repute in international business activity.Until now the prizes have come to their 9th edition.


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