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Permanent Observatory on Mediterranean Economies

In 2008 the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa (Italy) - in the context of the Institute for International Economics which has been active since 1947 - set up the Permanent Observatory on the Economies of the Mediterranean. The Observatory was established in anticipation of the imminent creation of the Mediterranean free trade area, which has been given a strong boost by the last phase of the Barcelona Process. It was presented to firms and academics at a conference held on 21st November 2008 with the participation of the Italian Minister for Economic Development.
The objective is not to point the way to possible business opportunities but, more significantly and with a more long-term approach, to evaluate the prospects for the economies in question (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt) and carry out country-risk analyses on the basis of both macroeconomic indicators identified ad hoc and more qualitative observations on the business environment of each country. As regards the first aspect, the most appropriate methods have already been identified also on the basis of a series of proposals put forward by a network of international economists specialising in country-risk analysis (Economia Internazionale/International Economics No. 1/2009 - International Trade and Country Risk Analysis).
For the economies of the Mediterranean, the Observatory will provide systematic country-risk monitoring in both financial and economic terms and in terms of counterparty risks (Economia Internazionale/International Economics No. 3/2009 - New Prospects for Internationalisation. A conference Report) . With the contributions of a network of economists from different countries, the Observatory will carry out research directed mainly at providing firms and policymakers with indications concerning prospects for the economy of the Southern Mediterranean coast.
The activity of the Observatory will occasionally extend also to other countries considered of interest due to the effects they can have on the economies of the Mediterranean or on the global economy.
During the conference "New Prospects for Internationalisation" (held in Genova onáNovember, 26 2010) a volume edited by A. Amato was presented containing the valuation and forecast for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. All economics valuations, estimates for 2010 and forecasts for the years 2011-2012 have been updated on the basis of data available in September 2010.


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