Opportunità dall'Europa nel settore del Turismo

Di  seguito  una  selezione  delle  più  recenti  opportunità  commerciali  provenienti dalla rete europea Enterprise Europe Network rivolte agli operatori e alle imprese italiane.

Per approfondimenti sui profili vi invitiamo a voler inviare una mail all’indirizzo alps.europa@ge.camcom.it riportando il titolo o il codice della proposta di interesse e specificando il tipo di collaborazione/professionalità che si intende mettere a disposizione.


Smart and safe innovative system for venues and buildings access management according to COVID-19 requirements
Ref: TOES20200429001

A Spanish telecommunications company has implemented a smart & safe innovative system for buildings access management according to COVID-19 requirements. It combines hardware (smart advanced cameras) and a cloud platform to manage, monitor and analyze all the information gathered and make decisions. This prevention technology is useful for a safe access to hospitals, public/corporate buildings, venues, hotels or malls. The company is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance.


Austrian IT company offering web- and panorama cameras (with virtual reality) with the currently highest image resolution worldwide for 360°spherical panoramic images seeks distribution partners.Ref: BOAT20180925001

An Austrian IT service and webcam company offers webcams and panorama cameras (hardware) including also a cloud solution system (software) for the tourism, construction and meteorology sectors. The new webcam system has the highest image resolution worldwide (with up to 300-megapixel) including cloud solution system. The new camera system can also be used for construction progress documentation. The company is looking for distribution partners and provides all necessary technical assistance.


Cloud solution for delivering and monetizing video across every connected device
Ref: TOES20191031001

A Spanish TV producer and broadcaster, has developed a cloud solution for delivering and monetizing video across every connected device.This tool is a suite of products and services that reduce the complexity and increase the profitability of publishing,distributing,measuring and monetizing multi-screen video.Content distributors agencies are sought for commercial agreements with tech assistance(explore and distribution) and technology partners for technical cooperation (upgrade and integration)


A Romanian guesthouse located in Ranca, one of the most popular mountain resorts in the Carpathians, is looking for travel agencies and tour operators for commercial agency
Ref: BORO20200311002

This guesthouse is located in Ranca mountain resort, 18 kilometers away from Novaci, Gorj County, at an altitude of 1600 meters, on the highest road in Romania - Transalpina. The guesthouse is only 600 meters from the ski slopes at the foothill of Papusa Peak in the Parang Mountains. It offers a variety of relaxation opportunities and traditional food, in a special natural setting. It is looking for partners abroad like travel agencies and tour operators for commercial agency agreements.


A Spanish social platform company in the world of wine is looking for commercial agents related to the wine & sommelier business
Ref: BOES20200218001

The Spanish company started over a year ago creating a  platform to book experiences from the world of wine, to a tour in a winery, or to a wine tasting at a sommelier's house. On the platform you can find different events that mainly take place among wineries and sommeliers. The user can reserve the experience of these services through the platform. The company seeks commercial agents for further expanding its services under the terms of a commercial agency agreement.


A Romanian tour operator travel agency specialized in incoming activities is looking for commercial agency agreement
Ref: BORO20191120002

A Romanian company promotes the Balkans region and Romania by operating a diversity of multi-day individual / group licensed guided tours in English and Italian. The company looks for commercial agency agreements.


Portuguese maritime tourism company is looking for partners to establish commercial agency agreements

Ref: BOPT20190624001

Portuguese maritime tourism company from Madeira Island, active in sailing, bird and whale watching, seeks for tour operators, travel agencies and tourism animation companies, to promote and sell its services among tourists who plan to visit Madeira Island. Through commercial agreements, potential partners have the opportunity to increase their varied offer, in a highly sought typical tourist destination.


Greek SME is looking for a partner for further developing and exploiting the potential of its integrated location-based mobile application for tourism
Ref: TOGR20200116001

A Greek ICT SME has developed an integrated location-based mobile application (compatible with most popular mobile operational systems) that delivers targeted and interactive multimedia content, both indoors and outdoors, and enhances tourism and/or shopping experience. The company is interested in a joint venture or research cooperation agreement with tourism related SMEs.